The Development Proposals

Crest Nicholson proposes to demolish all existing buildings within the site for a redevelopment of 150 new homes. The new homes will comprise a mix of apartments, town-houses and more traditional family houses, offering a range of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.

In accordance with District planning policy, 40% of the new homes will be provided as affordable housing. The development will cater for a wide range of potential home buyers in this part of Warwick.

The proposals have been developed in response to the characteristics of the site and its surroundings. They seek to take advantage of the site having frontages to both Montague Road and the Grand Union Canal by ensuring that the development is outward facing to both of them.

In the northern part of the site, the development will reflect the suburban feel of the area through the scale, arrangement and layout of dwellings fronting out onto Montague Road.

Towards the southern end of the site, a mix of town-houses and apartments will ensure that the development makes the most of the relationship between the site and the Canal. The town-houses will face on to the Canal and create a continuous built frontage along the southern boundary. The town-houses will be three storeys in height, creating a sense of height and maximising views over the canal for future residents.

Site LayoutThe buildings will feature a mix of traditional and contemporary design, incorporating brickwork finishes and, particularly along the southern edge of the site, the use of cladding, recognising the industrial heritage of the southern side of the Canal.

The dual aspect of the site creates opportunities to deliver a range of accesses and movement routes through the site. The two vehicular accesses into the site will be taken from Montague Road, in similar locations to the existing accesses. In addition, a dedicated pedestrian and cycle access will be provided from Coventry Road, providing a convenient route on foot or by bike from the development to the Town Centre and railway station.

A key feature of the proposals is an open space link running through the centre of the site, connecting Montague Road directly to the Canal towpath. Not only will this open up previously unseen views of the Canal from Montague Road, but it will also form a pedestrian and cycle link, allowing both future residents of the site, and existing residents in the area, to easily access the towpath from Montague Road.

The green link forms a significant part of the open space and landscaping within the development. It will feature a mix of planting and trees, including the retention of existing mature trees, to create a pleasant recreational feature for both existing and future residents. Elsewhere around the site, existing trees will be retained where possible, and will be supplemented by substantial new planting, which will further enhance the suburban feel of the development.


Click on the images to enlarge Indicative images of the southern boundary of the site, looking on to the Grand Union Canal