Technical Considerations

The planning application will be accompanied by a suite of technical documents that will cover a number matters. These will include the following.


A Transport Assessment to demonstrate that the traffic from a development of 150 dwellings can be accommodated and will not have a detrimental impact on the operation of the local highway network. It will be underpinned by detailed modelling of local junctions, in order to provide a robust assessment of the effects of the development. It will also consider alternative modes of transport from the car.


A Noise Assessment to assess the effects of noise from surrounding activities on future residential amenity, and. where required, identify specific mitigation measures to ensure satisfactory amenity will be secured.


A series of ecological surveys to assess the site’s potential to support ecological habitats and to recommend mitigation measures where appropriate. Where existing vegetation is to be removed as part of the development, new landscaping and planting will provided as compensation.

Flood Risk

A Flood Risk Assessment to demonstrate that the new development will not be at risk of flooding, nor will it increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. The assessment will also indicate how surface and foul water will be drained from the site.