Summary and Next Steps

As can be seen from the information published on this website, the proposals will deliver new homes in a very sustainable location that is well-related to this residential area of Warwick.

The proposal involves the redevelopment of a brownfield site, part of which has now lain vacant for nearly 8 years, with existing buildings replaced instead by high-quality homes in a suburban, canal-side setting. A broad range of house types and sizes are proposed, with 40% of the new dwellings to be affordable housing.

The development will support travel by means of a range of transport modes, including dedicated pedestrian and cycle accesses from both Coventry Road and Montague Road that will tie directly in to the towpath. A green link will connect the northern and southern ends of the site, and through the implementation of considerable, high-quality landscaping, and the retention of existing features, it will give existing and future residents a pleasant recreational facility.

Crest Nicholson also anticipates that, as part of its proposals, it will make contributions towards various services and facilities elsewhere in the District. As a consequence of all of the above, Crest Nicholson is confident that its development will make a very positive contribution to the local area.

Next Steps

This community consultation is being undertaken by the developers in advance of the formal submission of a planning application to Warwick District Council.

Crest Nicholson will be submitting a full planning application in early 2019, and at that point the District Council will formally consult local residents on the proposals. The District Council will have 13 weeks in which to determine the planning application.

This website will be updated once the application has been submitted.